Eco School

In 2022 High Littleton Primary School with the support of Juliet Bailey (retired Teacher pictured above) become an international, Green Flag Award Eco-School. The programme is designed to raise environmental awareness amongst young people and in England, it is run by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. Internationally, the programme is the largest educational programme in the world, present in nearly 70 countries with millions of children participating. Our school is now part of this global community working to create environmental change for the benefit of our children and future generations.

The Eco-Schools programme empowers pupils, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and can also lead to financial saving. Being an active member of the programme will be something your child will remember for the rest of their life.
The programme focuses on ten important environmental topics, with focus on 3 per year.:

Biodiversity Water
Energy Global Citizenship
Healthy Living Litter
Marine School Grounds
Waste Transport

This year we are focussing on Water, Marine and Energy.

Every school taking part in the Eco-Schools around the world programme follows the same simple Seven Step framework. This usually takes schools between one and two academic years to complete. After achieving our first Green Flag, our school can continue in the programme and achieve multiple Green Flags whilst continuing to work on and promote environmental issues. One of the most exciting things about the programme is that the process is designed to engage the whole school and its wider community. We will be informing you shortly of our school review and our chosen areas of

If you would like to get involved in the Eco-School programme by sharing your time, ideas or skills please contact me via the school office. If you are struggling for spare time, don’t worry, we will keep you updated on our progress regularly and invite you to participate in Eco-Schools projects or events that the pupils organise. The Eco-Committee currently meets on Wednesdays after school. We will share our ideas and achievements on the school Facebook page and Instagram, including some practical and easy tips on how we can lead a more environmentally friendly life at home and school!

We hope you are as excited about our eco-journey as we are.

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