Behaviour Policy


At High Littleton Primary School we desire that all the children should be taught effectively and have the opportunity to learn. It is our intention that children should be safe and happy throughout the day.

To enable this to happen, we believe that all members of the school community should:

  • have high expectations for their own and others’ behaviour;

  • involve parents in helping children at each stage;

  • respect and support each other, demonstrating a responsibility for others;

  • show respect for the school environment and equipment;

  • consider the safety of everyone;

  • help themselves and others learn;

  • make a positive contribution and recognise the contribution of others;

  • be listened to and listen to others;

  • realise the equal value of all and value differences;

  • avoid raised voices and aggressive body language;

  • treat all in a clear, fair, consistent and calm way;

  • expect and help the classroom to be a quiet, ordered place;

  • expect the relationship between children, teachers and parents to be one of trust;

  • conform to school standards and practices without losing individuality;

  • recognise achievements;

  • expect good behaviour to be rewarded and poor behaviour to be punished.

Golden Rules

The school operates within six Golden Rules.

  1. We listen; we don’t interrupt.

  2. We look after property; we don’t damage things.

  3. We are gentle; we don’t hurt each other.

  4. We work hard, we don’t waste time.

  5. We are honest; we don’t cover up the truth.

  6. We are kind and helpful; we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

Staff will reinforce these skills to help the children understand and respect our Golden Rules. The main emphasis will be on the positive aspects of praise and reward.  This may include rewarding children with stickers, certificates, marbles). At all times there should be a positive, encouraging atmosphere, leading to a general sense of security and heightened self-esteem. We will:

  • stress the importance of good manners, and praise and encourage good efforts and behaviour 

  • be positive by recognising the pupil's achievements, as important contributors to the school community

  • give clear and regular reminders of what you expect

  • teach good behaviour calmly


Sanction 1: Yellow card (name recorded)

Sanction 2: Red Card (name recorded)

Sanction 3: Sent to Key Stage Leader or Deputy Headteacher

Sanction 4: Sent to Headteacher

Sanction 5: Letter home to parents

Sanction 6: Parents to come into school

Sanction 7: Exclusion at the discretion of the Headteacher

These sanctions apply to all aspects of school life, including classroom, dining hall, playground, extra-curricular clubs as well as all off-site educational visits.

Work Together Jar

Each class has been allocated a jar. At the discretion of the staff, if they feel a child or a class has followed the Golden Rules they will be awarded a marble to place in the jar. The idea is that each class decide on how many marbles they can collect during the term. At the end of the term, if they have achieved their goal, the class will be awarded a treat. This reinforces the idea of teamwork and the need to follow the Golden Rules if they are to be rewarded.

Mr Griffith’s Tea Party

At the end of each term, two children from each class will be invited to attend a tea party hosted by Mr Griffith. The decision will be based on which children have been following the Golden Rules. Each child will receive an invitation in the post from Mr Griffith a week before the party takes place. It will also be a nice opportunity for Mr Griffith to spend some quality time with them!