New Curriculum

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Science Music Computing Maths English
History Geography RE PSHE Art
Design and Technology MFL PE    

Visit the class pages to see what each class will be learning this term. Please check back regularly to see updates.

At High Littleton Primary School, we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty as well as the mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Please click to read more about our British Values Policy.

Personal, Social and Health Education

At High Littleton Church of England Primary School, we use a scheme called Jigsaw, which is the mindful approach to PSHE and includes statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education with a strong focus on emotional and mental health and well being. Please find below an overview of what each year group will be taught.

Curriculum Drivers

We believe that our children deserve and need us to provide more than just the National Curriculum. Life has so much more to offer and our children have so much more to learn and experience. With this in mind we worked to prioritise the things we wanted our children to experience during their time with us and below is the document which outlines our aspirations. We use these six 'drivers' to underpin the development work we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children and their families.

Personal Development

Please find below an overview of the schools planning for personal development for 2020-2021.

Resources for you and your child

We have put together a list of learning fact sheets for parents which give valuable information for when you want to help your child with homework or other aspects of their learning.

Here are some fun websites that you may enjoy and find helpful to use with your child (mainly for Owl and Hedgehog's):

Robert Smith has collected a wealth of visual resources over ten years in his career as a primary school teacher and has designed a website called ‘The Literacy Shed’ with the aim of providing high quality resources for schools to use. We are fortunate to have our own ‘Literacy Shed’ on the website showcasing our work.

The school has recently subscribed to ‘Purple Mash’, an online space for children to use technology creatively. The website contains a wide variety of games and activities which support the new curriculum for Computing and other subjects. The children will be using this website as part of their Computing sessions in school, but is also accessible at home with their own individual log-in that they have been given. Many of the activities are also compatible with tablets. This means the children will be able to access work done in school from home and vice versa. To access the website at home, please follow these steps:

Go to Log in using the details on your child’s individual login card.

Able, Gifted and Talented

High Littleton Primary School promotes an environment that ensures the children feel comfortable and good about achieving high standards. We encourage children to be independent in their learning. This will include the provision of opportunities for children to organise their own work, access the resources they need, work unaided, make their own choices about work, evaluate what they are doing and be self-critical.

Music Tuition

Music tuition is available within school for Key Stage 2 children. They could chose from keyboard, strings (guitar or violin) and certain wind instruments. If you have any queries regarding the musical instrument tuition, please contact the school office.


Please find below the school's Medium Term Plans for Art:

Design and Technology

Please find below the school's Design and Technology planning:



Please find below the Long Term Plans for mathematics in each class: