Relationships, Sex and Health Education

At our school we believe children should understand the facts about human reproduction before they leave primary school. 

Sex education ‘should ensure that both boys and girls are prepared for the changes that adolescence brings (puberty) and – drawing on knowledge of the

human life cycle set out in the national curriculum for science - how a baby is conceived and born’.

At our school, puberty is taught as a statutory requirement of Health Education and covered by our Jigsaw PSHE Programme.

“Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of sex education delivered as part of statutory Relationships and Sex Education.” DfE Guidance p.17

We conclude that sex education refers to Human Reproduction, and therefore inform parents of their right to request their child be withdrawn from the PSHE lessons that explicitly teach this

We inform parents in Term 5 and the ‘Changing Me’ unit is taught in Term 6. 


Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) is a  teaching and learning programme which includes the statutory RSHE (Relationships  Education, Sex Education and Health Education) and has a strong focus on emotional  and mental health and wellbeing. 

Jigsaw believes that this work is vital to support children’s development and to  underpin their learning capacity, and that it is most effective when parents and carers  work in partnership with the school. 


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