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In order that a child experiences the full breadth of the science curriculum throughout their school life at High Littleton, it is important that we are clear about our long-term planning.


In a small school where vertical grouping is often our only option this long-term planning also has to have built-in flexibility.


Whilst the National Curriculum sets out the Programmes of Study by year group we are only required to teach them by the end of each Key Stage. We therefore have the flexibility to introduce content earlier or later within each key stage if appropriate.


It will be the role of the science co-ordinator to oversee that by the end of key stage one, end of lower key stage 2 and the end of upper key stage two each pupil has covered the relevant programmes of study. It will be the role of each teacher to plan when and how each programme of study is covered during the two years.


The planning should always take into account the coverage of the previous years and as such it will be essential to know what the children in each class have already covered. At the end of each academic year each class teacher will be asked to indicate the curriculum covered for each cohort in their class. This should act as a “provision map” to ensure not only where the child has been within their science education but also where they need to be going. Once this process has taken place the science co-ordinator will display the planned programmes of study for each class on the website (a governmental directive).



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