Hello Owls


I hope you all enjoy listening to me read the story ‘Paddington at the Palace’.  I thought it was a good story to read to you especially after all your amazing learning about Buckingham Palace this week!  Miss Harrington has planned two of your activities today which she hopes you enjoy, RE and art, and I have set a Doodlemaths task for you to do!

Daily activities


Maths (White Rose accessed via school website)

Mental Maths  counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, our doubles song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jOzhiACB68&t=2s and my turn/your turn game with doubles.  We also need to begin learning our number bonds to 10 – use this song to help! (Stick with it if you can parents!!)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZi-6_-Uhwc

Reception – White Rose Home Learning Week 3 Day 3 on the book ‘Hungry Caterpillar’

Doodlemaths task – Number bonds to10

Year One – White Rose Home Learning Week 3 lesson 3 Add together and find a part

Doodlemaths task – Doubling with pictures


Use the link https://bit.ly/34KsiFS 

YR - DFE letters & sounds or live at 10am


Y1 - DFE letters & sounds o-e live at 10.30am




This week we continue to think about our theme ‘special places’ and Miss Harrington would like you to create your own special place.  Think about where your special place would be? What would you have in your special place? Why would this be your special place?  This can be whatever you like, you could choose somewhere you have always wanted to go and then draw it in your work book – add some labels too!

Miss Harrington says if she could make her own special place it would be a tree house in the jungle with all her family!  She would be surrounded by monkeys, as monkeys are her favourite animals! Miss Harrington would also have an ice cream machine in her tree house because she loves ice cream and it would keep her cool in the hot jungle.

Or you could make your own special place by making a den - fill it with your special things such as favourite toys, books, photographs…anything!  Could you photograph your special place if you decide to make one in your home or send us a photograph of your work in your workbook?

Afternoon activity

Art (Reception and  Year One)

This week Miss Harrington thought you could pretend to be Paddington Bear.  She would like you to create a Paddington Bear mask! You can use whatever you like to create/ decorate your mask. I have attached some ideas and a Paddington Bear template if you want to use this or you can create your own, it is up to you.   (Parents – maybe use string or wool to tie the mask together or even attach it to a stick so the children can hold it up in front of their face, it is completely up to you and what you have at home!  Once you have created your mask, you could put your coat on and your mask just like Paddington Bear.  We would love to see you as little Paddington Bears so feel free to take a picture!

We hope you like these activities and have fun learning today!  We are really very proud of you all Owls!

Take care and keep smiling

Mrs Payne (and Miss Harrington!)

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