Dear Owls


Hello everyone, Here we are in our second week of term 5.  The weather has not been so good this week, but at least it gives the plants and flowers a good drink!  Thank you for all the emails we have received, it really is so lovely to hear from you.


I don’t mind at all what order you do today’s activities, whatever suits you.




Start by warming our maths brains up!  Can you name as many 2D shapes as possible as quickly as you can?  Did you forget any?  We were working hard on shapes like Octagon, Hexagon, Pentagon, how many sides do they have? 


YR: I would like you watch Week 1 Day 4 lesson 'Night Pirates' on White Rose Maths and try to carry out some of the activities.

Y1:  I would like you to watch the Week 1 Day 4 lesson for Year 1: Problem Solving.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Letters and Sounds


We hope you enjoyed the lesson yesterday.  Use the link 


YR - DFE letters & sounds oo in moon live at 10am


Y1 - DFE letters & sounds e-e in these live at 10.30am




Owls, you are not going to believe this, but I had a knock at my door this morning and on my door step was a medium sized brown box with the name 'Owl Class' on it.  I brought it in and carefully opened it and who should be in the box?? Paddington Bear!  He was due to come and stay with us all this term but what he would like, is to send you some photos and Mrs Payne and I will show him the photos you have been sending us.  I have quickly filled him in on all of you and he is looking forward to learning more about you.  I have told him how great you all are at writing and he is keen to see this, as he really wants to improve his own handwriting.  He says writing with paws can be tricky and it takes a lot of concentration.  So what I would like you to do is have a go at writing your full name and address so Paddington can see how you do this.  Please feel free to send him this as he may be able to write back to you!!  PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS.


Physical Development


Owls, I think yoga might be indoors today (weather forecast not looking good, so please ask an adult to log you on to Go Noodle and find Maximo and give the following poses a go:  Surfer Dude, The Mantis and Cozy Chair.  End with the chicken dance as we all love this one!


End your yoga session with some breathing and have a moment to be still and silent and think about something that makes you feel happy!


Something Interesting:  


David Walliams:  The Midnight Gang musical will be streamed online for free from 30th April by Chichester festival theatre and the venue's production of Beauty and The Beast will also be available.




Can you help set the table for breakfast, lunch or tea, or all three if you're up for a challenge?


Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I am thinking of you all and can’t wait to see you soon.  Will be sending Friday's timetable tomorrow.


Much Love


Miss Angel

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