Dear Owls

That's the end of your second week of home learning and I am sure you are all doing brilliantly!

Happy Friday everyone!

Go Noodle or Joe Wicks to start the day or if you fancy a change maybe do some yoga to start the day.  Thank you to those of you who have sent me posters showing things to keep us healthy, they are great!  If you would like to send me a photograph of your healthy poster I would love to see them, I can then print them off and add them to our Sparkle Time Book.  Also, please let me know some of the dances you have been doing!


Start by warming our maths brains up!  Can you find an instrument - this could be your hands - Yesterday I asked you to count in fives.  Today can you try and beat your score.  Good Luck!

How did you get on yesterday?  Today you are going to use your hands to measure.  First draw around your hand.  Next I would like you to, using a ruler if possible, measure each finger and record the length.  Which is your longest finger?  Which is your shortest finger?  Do you have any fingers that are the same length?  Next draw round a grown ups hand and repeat the same activity.  Please feel free to send me photographs of this.


Reception children: I would like you to practise writing the monkey letters q, g and y.  Parents please draw lines as this really helps.  Reception - between our handwriting sessions and home you have practised writing all your tortoise, giraffe and monkey letters!!  Well done.

Year Ones please can you play a game with an adult or maybe an older sibling.  I would like you using your best handwriting to play Capitals vs Lowercase.  You need to start by writing A, the person you are playing against needs to write the lowercase a and so on all the way to z!  After you have done this (I bet your handwriting is neater) swap and this time it is your turn to write the matching lowercase letter!


Rhyme and Story

Can you get your family moving to head, shoulders, knees and toes (or cheese on toast). What other body parts can you name?  Have a go at drawing a self portrait and labelling features such as eyelashes, eyebrows, eyes etc.  As always feel free to send me a photograph of these!  

Forest Friday

We have talked during Sparkle Time about what worry is and what types of things make us worried, Some of you didn’t have any worries at all, which was great!  However just in case I thought it would be good if we put our forest Friday skills into practise and make something that may help us when we are worried.  

What are Worry Dolls?  Worry dolls are tiny dolls that children can tell their worries to before placing them under their pillow at night.  It is said that the worry dolls take the children’s worries away while they are asleep.  They are a lovely opportunity to encourage children to talk about how they are feeling.  Children of all ages can do this activity.  I did it with my nine and three year old, the fifteen year old wasn’t having any of it!

What you need?

Small sticks or twigs

Ribbon, wool, string, thread (even elastic bands)

Felt tip pens

What to do?

Break your sticks or twigs into small lengths (about 5cm). Wrap different colours of wool, ribbon or thread around your stick (use a skin colour towards the top for a face)Tie off the ends.  Draw a face onto your doll.


Something interesting:  

Go to there are lots of details about various shows and musicals that are being streamed on various platforms for free.


How did you get on with making your bed?  If you haven’t tried it, have a go today.  If you have tried it can you help make someone else’s bed?

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Hope you all have a restful Easter as much as you can, I am thinking of you all.


Much Love

Miss Angel

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