Hello Owls

Firstly thank you so much for some of the photographs I have received!  It is really lovely for me to see your work, smiling faces and to hear that you have enjoyed your Paddington Bear writing and finding out about plants and flowers!  There are some amazing writers in Owls! (Shhh!  I’ll let you into a secret...I already knew you were amazing writers!)  Here is your work for Wednesday – I hope you enjoy this too!  Miss Harrington has planned two of your activities today including making your favourite sandwich for lunch or if you would like to, eating a marmalade sandwich!

Daily activities

  • Joe Wicks daily workout on YouTube or try some GoNoodle dances https://family.gonoodle.com/ or go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine

  • Read a book

  • Do some Doodle maths



Again I would like you to practise your mental maths:

  • Practise counting in 2s to 20, 10s to 100 and 5s to 100.You should get quicker and quicker each day you practise!

  • Sing the doubles song!Remember a double is when you add two numbers that are the same! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jOzhiACB68

Reception – White Rose Home Learning Week 1 Day 3 on the book ‘Supertato’

Year One – White Rose Home Learning Week 1 lesson 3 Make equal groups (sharing)

Reception – Practise tricky words and sounds using the powerpoints I have previously sent. Today we are going to recap the trigraph (3 letters that make one sound) igh.  Spell the words; high, sign, light, night.  Remember to add dots and dashes or ‘sound buttons’ as we call them!  Watch the alphablocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lcE8bEdvHI

Year Ones – I would like you to practise tricky words and sounds using the powerpoints too. Today we are going to revisit the ai sound, used usually in the middle of a word.   Write it out 5 times!  Spell a selection of words containing the sound and add dots and dashes or sound buttons; rain, tail, main, pain, maid, fail, hail, again.  Write the sentence; Mark and Carl got wet in the rain storm.




Our focus for RE this term is special places and Miss Harrington would like you to begin thinking about a place that is special to you at home. This could be your garden, your bedroom or even your kitchen, it can be anything that is special to you! Miss Harrington’s special place is her garden because she loves sitting on the grass playing with her dogs… sometimes Miss Harrington even gets a little paddling pool out for them if it is really hot outside!

When you have found your special place at home, could you please draw it? You can use whatever you like to create your picture, you could use paint, crayon or just pencil if you want, it’s up to you, and then print out the attached sheet or just write in your workbook why your chosen place is special ‘My special place is …because…’

Making your favourite sandwich for lunch!

Paddington Bear loves marmalade sandwiches and so does Miss Harrington!  She thought it would be nice if you could try a marmalade sandwich just like Paddington Bear. If you don’t have marmalade that’s OK, you could make your favourite sandwich or you could try something new.

Just so you can see how much Paddington Bear and his family love marmalade, she would like you to watch this short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-kAylfTqQo  (grown-ups, up to 2 mins 58 secs!)

It would be lovely to see you trying your marmalade sandwich or your favourite sandwich, so if you want to you could take a picture. If you were able to taste marmalade, it would also be nice to hear what you thought of it? Did you like marmalade sandwiches as much as Paddington?  If you made your favourite sandwich, let us know what you put in it!

Afternoon activity

Finish RE if you need to!


Owls, you may now have learned that London is the capital city of England and begin to know some famous London landmarks which we will continue to learn more about next week.  Year Ones will have learned that England is one of four countries that make up the United Kingdom – can you name the other three countries?


England has its own flag (google it if you like – a red cross on a white background!) but the United Kingdom has its own special flag.  I would like you to make your very own United Kingdom flag – you can use the attached template if you like (I’m hoping it works as I had trouble attaching it to this email!) You can use pens, colouring pencils, chalks, paints, collage.  You will only need two colours, do you know what they are?  Have you seen this flag before?


Have fun making your very own flag, it is quite tricky!  If it’s not too windy, you could make your flag outside.  Be careful it doesn’t blow away!


Have fun with your work!  Send me some photographs, I love to see them and Miss Harrington would like to see photos of your sandwiches too!

Take care and keep smiling

Mrs Payne (and Miss Harrington!)

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