Dear Otter Class,

I hope that you have had a nice day and equally, worked hard (I know you did!) and squeezed in some resting time, maybe even by playing outside. Flying a kite in this blustery wind seemed to be a perfect activity for today.

Please find attached our Tuesday timetable, answers to comprehension questions and some additional Maths challenge for those of you who fly through our assigned Maths lessons (from year 5 curriculum). Only do it if you need an additional challenge.

Today, we can try to answer the comprehension questions on Purple Mash in 2Write document and save it in My Work folder. I can then easily find it and read it. If using a computer/laptop/tablet or any other device is a problem, just record the answers in your books.

We all work at different paces so don’t worry if it’s taking you longer to complete a comprehension task. Just do your best; your best is always good enough to me.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, problems, queries or an urgent message. You can email me (via the school office) or send a message on Purple Mash. I enjoy reading them and they help me understand whether you enjoyed and understood a task or not.


With best wishes,

Mrs Woods

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