Dear Otters and Otter parents,

Here we are again... and the best bit is, it's Thursday and you've nearly completed another week of home learning!!! I really hope you're enjoying the work set, completing it to the best of your ability and hopefully even challenging yourselves wherever you can. I also hope you're managing to find time to relax and rest; it's surprising how tiring it can be staying at home every day - for both you and the rest of your family! So try to be kind and considerate to those around you. If you're feeling a bit fed up/anxious or similar (which is totally understandable at the moment when we're all out of our 'normal' routines), practise the breathing and calming techniques we've learned in Jigsaw (and/or yoga last year) to help you to feel more at ease.  

Our timetable today is 'normal' for a Thursday, beginning with Big Write.  This week I would like you to continue (and conclude) our Writing to inform unit by researching 'Easter' and then creating an information sheet or powerpoint to share the information you have found. (See attached timetable for more advice on sections/structure of your work. I've also attached a checklist for you to use  - it will be great if you could ask someone else at home to also check your work against the success criteria.).

As we are reaching the end of term, I've also attached a science assessment on Materials, and added some 2Do tasks on Purple Mash. Our opportunities for learning in this topic have obviously been disrupted so don't worry too much if you find some questions too challenging, just make a good guess and remember, you may actually be right!

Thank you so much for completing last week's activities online - I can see most have you have been completing the work and challenging yourself to get 100% scores if you hadn't quite managed it the first time. 

Have a great Thursday, take care and stay safe.
Mrs Richardson xx

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