Hi Hedgehog Class


Hope you are all well and enjoyed making and eating your sandwiches for Big Write. I am so pleased that I have been able to see so many of them on your Purple Mash. Miss Bidwell is also enjoying recieving some pictures of your lovely gardens you have designed for Science using the garden plants you have been learning about. Here is your learning for tomorrow:


Phonics: Using the link https://bit.ly/34KsiFS

Watch the episode live at 1030am.

Handwriting: Warm your hands up by practising joining your digraph 'll'. Remember these are giraffe letters so need to be nice and tall. Start with your lead in, starting on the line, and don't take your pencil off until you have finished. Can you do three lines of this digraph? This week can you practise joining your letter together in your common exception words: one, once, ask, friend. I want you to try hard to do the whole word without taking your pencil off the paper... remember to dot your 'i' at the end. Keep those giraffe letters tall and your tortoise letters all the same size. (If you feel your child is not ready to join, please continue with pre-cursive, where they form each letter individually but correctly with the lead in and flicks out).


Year 1: Can all of you complete year one week 3 lesson 3 (add together and find a part)  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Year 2: if you want to challenge yourselves by completing week 3 lesson 3 (related facts) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ Grown-ups you will know which tasks are appropriate for your child, but it is good revision for all children to complete the year one activity.

Please also complete your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths.


Afternoon learning:

We are going to look at VE day as an important event to remember in our history of the UK as we approach the 8th May. Find attached the powerpoint to go through your children with about VE day. As a follow up activity I would like you to complete the colour by number Union Jack (feel free to do your own version and be as creative as possible, paint, collage etc). I would also like you to design your own medal for the soldiers who fought in the war. Again, please be as creative as you like with this, could be a drawing or you could make one! Please send some photos of these tasks to me to see what you have done.

Daily Reminders: - have regular fruit and water breaks and try to keep to some kind of routine - complete your home diary - read a book to your grown up - start the day with some exercise to get your mind and body moving - always be kind...


Have a good day!

Miss Wheeler

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