Hello Hedgehogs 
Again, it was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone. I will be continuing to phone you if I have not spoke to you yet. I am so pleased you are all happy, healthy and working hard.
I have enjoyed looking at your Rosh Hashanah cards on Purple Mash! I hope you have had a good day of learning. 
Plan for tomorrow is; 


Please watch and follow the online phonics lesson. Remember, it will be live from 1030am.
You will need your workbook and a pencil to complete this. 

Whole Class Reading: 
I have attached a picture of the letter that Paddington wrote to his Aunt Lucy from our book 'Paddington's Post'. You can use this photo or if you have the book, read the letter with your grown-up. I have also attached some questions I would like you to answer from reading the letter. Remember to answer the questions in full. You can either print the sheet and write them or write the answers up straight into your home learning book. 

- I would like you all to complete Week 2 Lesson 4 (problem solving) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
- Complete your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths 
- You have an added extra to complete on Doodle Maths tomorrow 
- Year 2, if you want, can challenge themselves with Week 2 Lesson 4 (problem solving) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Find attached your next lesson for computing. This will require you to use Purple Mash. 


Daily reminders:
- have a good timetable for the day and remember to have regular breaks, drink water and have fruit snacks to keep you going. 
- read a book; either one you have or an ebook online. 
- practise reading your sounds, tricky words and common exception words. 
- complete your daily diary 


Have a lovely day. Stay safe and happy.

Miss Wheeler

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