Good evening Hedgehogs, 
Another day of home learning complete and can you believe it has been two weeks now! You are doing so well and now it is nearly time for a break. Tomorrow is your last day I will set you home learning tasks for two weeks which I am sure is a welcome break for you and your grown-ups. Do continue to read and share stories and of course keep your streak going on Doodle Maths if you wish. Know that I am so proud of you for all your hard work you are doing and I look forward to our new topic next term which is 'Paddington Bear goes to London' (a geography focus)! 

Daily reminders; 
- Start the day with a healthy breakfast and some exercise. Have you managed to show your grown-ups your favourite GoNoodle yet?
- read and share a story. Remember to practise your sounds and tricky words. Can you write them too?
- take regular breaks from work and try to get outside
- do your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths
- write your diary entry 

For English tomorrow I would like you to do some SPaG. Our focus is 'Plurals' which we have learnt before in school but may need some reminding of... It means that there is 'more than one' i.e. one cat or lots of cats. We know to add an 's' when a word is a plural but sometimes we have to remember to add an 'es' and we can hear that when we say the word and it makes the 'iz' sound at the end i.e. one glass or lots of glasses.
Do some examples with your children. Look around the room and see if you can find the singular and plural word of daily objects like chair and chairs or table and tables. Talk about whether you add an 's' or 'es'. I have attached a plurals sheet for your child to complete - do help them with the spelling of the main word but see if they can identify whether you add just an 's' or an 'es' independently. Stick this in your book or if you can't print it out then just write the words out in your home learning books. 

For Maths I would like you to look at measuring capacity - how much liquid something can hold. If possible have some fun with measuring liquids. Get different things from around the house; cups, mugs, jugs, bottles etc and talk about whether they are full, half full, almost full or empty. If you are feeling really brave and adventurous you could make a 'magic potion' by adding food colouring or glitter to your water and mix it all up.  You could further challenge your child by using a measuring jug and show them the measurements on the side 'ml'.
I have attached two worksheets for you to complete with a focus on capacity. 

In the afternoon we would usually have Golden Time or our Marble Jar Treat as it is the end of term. I would like you to play a game of your choice at home or do something creative. If you would like, have a go at this challenge... Can you find a household item that starts with every letter of the alphabet and fit it on a plate? If you complete this challenge do send me a photo as I think it could be interesting.
As always, I love seeing your work so do send photos if your children want me to see it and I will do my best to respond. Keep working hard and being kind and helpful at home. 
If you have any questions or for any reason you can not complete your home learning then please let me know.

I hope you have a great Easter and stay safe and healthy. 
Miss Wheeler

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