Good evening Hedgehog Class,

I hope you are all well and have had a good day. I have seen that most of you completed your Maths work on Doodle Maths today and did really well, so well done! I have also loved seeing your Easter egg designs and received some photos of you via email today which certainly brightened my day. I miss seeing your work and having you in the classroom every day so it is nice to receive pictures and keep in contact! I will add comments to your work on Purple Mash so do have a look :)

Daily reminders;
- Do some form of exercise today; get our in the garden, do some yoga or keep going with your Joe Wicks workouts.
- Read or share a story/phonics comic and practise your sounds 
- Be good and listen to your grown-ups 
- have regular work breaks, eat some fruit and drink lots of water 

Tomorrow I would like us to start with English. Play a game on phonics play of your choice. ( Remember to use your robot arms to sound out the words and try to get 10/10!
Following this, I would like you to learn to spell some more of your common exception words. Learn these words; are, were, was (year one) find, kind, mind (year two) - write them out in different ways (chalk, rainbow writing, felt pens, paint etc) and remember to write them out at least 6 times each, this will help you remember them. Put these words into sentences and challenge yourself to use conjunctions and adjectives to make super sentences.

For Maths I would like you to start by playing 'Quick Maths'
Can you teach your grown ups how we do this in school? Write the numbers 1-10 out ready to answer the questions and then can you complete level 1...addition...bonds to make 10 (or bonds to make 20 for a challenge). Grown-ups you can choose how long they get on each question (I usually do about 15 seconds) but you can change this depending on your child. Your child then answers the questions and marks them at the end. I hope you get on okay with this, we do it lots in school so your child should recognise it!
I have set an added extra on Doodle Maths for you to do, adding one more to numbers to 100 and comparing numbers. Also, don't forget to complete your 'X a day'.

In the afternoon I would like you you to watch the Easter Story ( We use beginners bible and the children enjoy these videos, here is a shorter clip if preferable (
In your home learning books draw a picture to represent the story and write about what happened to Jesus? I expect at least 3-5 sentences for this and don't forget to add a date to your work so we know when you did it. I would love to see some of this writing as always feel free to send it to the office email. 

Enjoy your day. 
Be happy and be safe.
Miss Wheeler

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