Hi Hedgehogs,
Hope you all have had a good Monday and enjoyed the new phonics videos! I have loved seeing some of your creative Big Ben models and/or drawings. Tomorrow is Tuesday and as it is Big Write day we will not expect you to do a phonics video but I do expect you to spend longer on your writing. In school, we would usually spend the whole morning on it with the planning session first and then writing it up neatly after. Here is your plan for tomorrow: 

Big Write:

Today we would like you to write your own mini fact book about London.  Firstly watch the short clip about Paddington Bear looking at a pop-up book about London for Aunt Lucy.  It contains lots of information and pictures about London. Enjoy!




We would like you to split it into three sections; 'all about London' 'Big Ben' & 'Buckingham Palace'. Use the planning sheet attached and all your previous Geography learning to support this.


We have provided a London red bus mini book template if you wish to print it out and use this or of course you can make your own books at home by folding A4 paper in half and using staples to fix together.  You can write or make as many pages as you like but do add lines for your child to write on. If you prefer, you can do this in your home learning books and add the subheadings.


Remember to draw each of your landmarks and use capital letters, spacing and full stops correctly when writing your facts! Also, using adjectives and conjunctions 'and' and 'because' to make your writing more interesting. Always read your writing too to check it make sense.  We hope you enjoy making these books and can't wait to see or read some of them! You can upload photos of these to your Big Write folder on Purple Mash.



From today, you will need to go to our class home learning page on the school website to find the activity and answer sheets for Maths.  You will still need to use the White Rose website to watch the video lessons.

-Can all of you complete year 1 week 4 lesson two (subtract within 20)  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
-Year two, if you want to challenge yourselves by completing week 4 lesson 2 (add 2 digit numbers) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/
Grown-ups you will know which tasks are appropriate for your child, but it is good revision for all children to complete the year one activity.
-Please also complete your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths. Science: Miss Bidwell is loving your Science work and hopes you are enjoying it to. Tomorrow, children will begin by looking at the different parts of a tree: leaves, roots, trunk and branches. 

Then children will look at evergreen and deciduous trees and the different features of these and how seasons can affect deciduous trees. Children will also look at the following trees as an example of each type of tree: oak, beech, horse chestnut, yew, cedar and scots pine. 

Using the activity sheet provided, children can use the tree provided or draw their own to label with the following parts: trunk, branches, leaves and roots. Following this, children will then complete the table writing whether the tree is a deciduous or evergreen tree. As an extension children can find and/or draw their own evergreen and deciduous trees. I have also attached a tree hunt task if you manage to get outside for a walk it is a lovely option.

Daily Reminders: - have regular fruit and water breaks and try to keep to some kind of routine - complete your home diary
- read a book to your grown up
- start the day with some exercise to get your mind and body moving
- always be kind; can you do something to help at home today?
Have a good day and stay safe! I miss you all very much.

Miss Wheeler

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