Hi Hedgehogs, 
I hope you have managed to enjoy your extra day this weekend and are ready for another week of home learning! Here are your plans for Monday: 

Remember, we start our new phonics this week so please follow the link below and I hope you enjoy it. Remember we are revising all our phase 5 sounds. 


Phase 5 Mastery L1 ay


You may also use the DfE letters and sounds as extra if you do enjoy them :) here is the link https://bit.ly/34KsiFS

English Skills:
Practise your common exception words door, floor and poor (can you notice a spelling pattern?). Use the look, cover, write and check approach. Can you do them 5 times? You could use pens, pencil, chalk, rainbow writing etc. Once you can spell them, have a go at putting them into sentences. 


From today, you will need to go to our class home learning page on the school website to find the activity and answer sheets for Maths.  You will still need to use the White Rose website to watch the video lessons.

-Can all of you complete year 1 week 4 lesson one (add by making 10)  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
-Year two, if you want to challenge yourselves by completing week 4 lesson 1 (adding and subtracting tens) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/
Grown-ups you will know which tasks are appropriate for your child, but it is good revision for all children to complete the year one activity.
-Please also complete your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths.

Finding out about Big Ben

Have you heard of a landmark called Big Ben?  What is it?  What does it look like?  Listen to the sound it makes? This week I would like you to watch a couple of short videos:



These clips focus on Big Ben but also show you some of the famous landmarks that we have also visited as part of our learning.  On Purple Mash I would like you to write some facts about Big Ben you have learnt (this is a good way for me to see your work easily). Y1 I expect at least 4 facts and Y2 I expect 6 facts. This work will also help with your Big Write tomorrow!

Extra activity... can you to draw or make Big Ben? you can choose what resources you like to create this picture.  Maybe you could use different things you find around the house to help you? In the video they used a rectangle and a triangle to create their Big Ben pictures, is there anything in your house you could use to help you? We have attached some ideas to help you.  Parents, we have even attached a paper model of Big Ben to make if you wish to have a go too!   


Daily Reminders:
- have regular fruit and water breaks and try to keep to some kind of routine
- complete your home diary
- read a book to your grown up
- start the day with some exercise to get your mind and body moving
- always be kind


Hope you have a good day. 
Miss Wheeler 

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