Good Afternoon Hedgehogs,
I hope you are all well and have had a good day of learning - it is good to see so many of you completing your tasks online!
Tomorrow is Friday so your last day of home learning before the weekend. Here are your tasks for the day;


Please watch and follow the online phonics lesson. Remember, it will be live from 1030am.
You will need your workbook and a pencil to complete this. 

- Y1 find attached a powerpoint about adding the suffix -ing. You then have a follow up activity.
- Y2 find attached a powerpoint and worksheet on adding the siffux -er
The star rating on the worksheets represents the level of challenge ranging from one star to three stars. Please choose a level you feel is appropriate for your child.

- I would like you all to complete Week 2 Lesson 5 (Friday Maths Challenge)
- Complete your 'x a day' on Doodle Maths  
- Year 2, if you want, can challenge themselves with Week 2 Lesson 5 (Friday Maths Challenge)

On Friday afternoon we have Golden Time. This means you can choose what you would like to do, providing your grown-ups think you have earned it!


Daily reminders: - have a good timetable for the day and remember to have regular breaks, drink water and have fruit snacks to keep you going. 
- read a book; either one you have or an ebook online. 
- practise reading your sounds, tricky words and common exception words. 
- complete your daily diary. 
Have a great weekend. Stay safe and happy.
Miss Wheeler

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