“The governing body of High Littleton Church of England Primary School offers a wide range of skills, abilities and interests. We are very aware of the importance of the school to individual children, parents, and its presence within the wider community. We endeavour to work closely with staff to ensure that high standards of teaching and learning are maintained, and that all children reach their full potential. Our aim is to ensure that the school is a welcoming, vibrant and creative place for children to learn.”      


 – Mrs Sharon Wiseman, Chair of Governors.



In August 2014, High Littleton Church of England Primary School became an academy and joined the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership.  It remains a Church of England school and the Diocese of Bath and Wells supported the school’s academy conversion and desire to join Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership. High Littleton School continues to have its own Local Governing Body (LGB) and Headteacher.


Our school governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They help to raise the standards of pupil achievement and plan the school’s future direction. The Governors are also accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.



Composition of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Local Governing Body


Parent Governors

Up to two parent governors, to be elected by the parents at that school or appointed by the governing body to represent the interests of the parents.


Director Appointed Governors

Up to four director appointed governors are appointed by the directors of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership (MNSP).


Foundation Governors

Up to two governors are appointed by the Diocese of Bath and Wells.


Community Governors

Up to two community governors being persons living or working in the local community of the school or such other persons having an interest in the school.


Staff Governors

Up to one staff member is elected by the staff of the school (excluding the Head teacher.)



The Headteacher currently sits on both the school’s LGB and MNSP’s Trust Board.


Name                                   Role

Mrs Sharon Wiseman

Mr Tony Wells                              

Mr Gareth Griffith                   

Mr Ian Gunning

Rev Guy Edwards                            

Mrs Samantha Easton                                             

Mrs Lara Turner-Rogers               

Mr Lewis Salvidge

Dr Alec Bennett

Mr Les Kew                                 

Mr Paul Wyatt                               

Louise Brooks-Bryant





Becoming a Governor


If you are interested in serving the school and wider community as a governor, you will need to contact the school.


  • Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school for a fixed term of 4 years. Parents are advised in writing when a vacancy for a Parent Governor arises.  Full details of the criteria and the process for nominations and any election are provided at the time.


  • Foundation Governors are nominated by the Church and Diocese of Bath & Wells.


  • Local Authority Governors are nominated by Local Councillors.


  • Staff Governors are members of the School staff who are elected by the staffing body (both teaching and non-teaching).


  • Community Governors are appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests or to bring specific skills to the Governing Body.





Director Appointed Governor

Director Appointed Governor


Staff Governor

Foundation Governor

Director Appointed Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Director Appointed Governor

Community Governor

Community Governor

Clerk to the Local Governing Body

Contact Details

Sharon Wiseman - Chair of Governors

c/o High Littleton Church of England Primary School, Church Hill, High Littleton, BS29 6HF



Name                                Role

Mrs Sharon Wiseman           Director Appointed Governor

Mr Tony Wells                       Foundation Governor

Mr Gareth Griffith                  Headteacher

Mr Ian Gunning                     Staff Governor

Mrs Samantha Easton          Director Appointed Governor

Mr Chris Wilford                    Director Appointed Governor

Mrs Lara Turner-Rogers       Parent Governor

Miss Nicola Cunnington       Parent Governor

Mr Lewis Salvidge                Director Appointed Governor

Dr Alec Bennett                    Community Appointed Governor

Mr Paul Wyatt                      Community Appointed Governor

vacancy                               Foundation Governor

Louise Brooks-Bryant          Clerk to Governing Body


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