Hello Fox Class,


Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing platypus drawings with me today!  What fantastic artists you all are! Here is your work for Friday. You can complete these in any order but try to get everything done.



-Revise movement (Year 2) and shapes (Year 3) with your ‘Added Extra’ on Doodle Maths (some of you have 2 today).

-Complete the ‘X a day’ or ‘New this Week’ task on Doodle Maths.

-Year 2-write the 4x table in your Homework books up to 12x4= (hint: count in 4s)

-Year 3-mark Section 2 Test 10 of your I Can Do Maths books (the answers were sent last week).  Have a careful look at any questions you got wrong and see if you understand why.



-Friday is normally Big Write day so I’d like you to have a go at doing a Big Write at home today.  You should have finished Fantastic Mr Fox yesterday so I would like you to write a Book Review about it.

-Talk to someone in your house about the story.

-Create a planning sheet in your Homework book to help you think about the main parts of a book review (look at the one attached for ideas).

-Write your book review in your Homework book, using the subheadings/titles on my planning sheet.  Remember capital letters and full stops, careful spellings, beautiful handwriting and interesting words.


Golden Time:

-As it’s the last day of term and we would normally be having our Golden Time or Marble Treat, this afternoon you have free choice over what you do.  You could make a den if you haven’t already, watch a film or pick an activity from the list of 57 Easter Holiday activities you were sent earlier in the week.


Other ideas to keep your bodies and brains active:

-Complete Joe Wicks’s workout https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

-Be mindful and spend some time sitting quietly and concentrating on your breathing or listen to a Peace Out activity https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cosmic+kids+peace+out

-Get creative and do some arts and crafts.


Enjoy your last day of home learning this term.  I’m so proud of you and all the work you’ve been doing.  Next week is the Easter holidays so I won’t be sending you work to do but Mr Griffith has given your parents a list of fun activities that you might want to do at home to keep you busy and happy.  I will be in touch with you again at the end of the holidays to let you know what you are going to be learning about in Term 5. Make sure you find time to have a rest and enjoy spending time with your families during the next 2 weeks.


Miss Evans

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