Good evening Fox Class.


I hope you all had a sunny weekend.  We have finally reached the last week of home learning before the summer holidays and the good news is that this week you only have 3 days of school work as we are finishing the term on Wednesday.


For Maths you should continue to visit the White Rose Maths website (or use the video links document on the school website) to watch your daily video and then complete the worksheet on the school website.  Year 2 lessons this week are about telling the time.  Year 3 lessons are about measuring capacity.  Year 3s also need to complete Section 3 Test 12 of I Can Do Maths.  Please all carry on with as much Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables as possible and remember you can still access these over the summer.


For English, you will need to visit the BBC Bitesize website where there will be a new lesson each day.  Year 2 lessons this week focus on stories, characters and settings.  Year 3 lessons this week are about writing newspapers, instructions and stories.  Please also remember to read every day and try to keep doing as much reading as possible during the holidays.


In the afternoons, see if you have any activities left on the learning grids for Science, Geography and RE that you would like to complete or make the most of this time to learn more about something else that interests you or is happening in the news.


I am so sad that we didn’t get to finish the school year together but I can’t wait to see you all back in school in September and I will make sure I come and visit you in Badger Class or Fox Class.  I hope you all have an amazing summer.


Lots of love,

Miss Evans


PS: Parents, thank you so much for all your support with home learning over the last 2 terms!  I hope you all manage to have a very well deserved rest over the summer.  Although I won’t be in Fox Class after the holidays, I will still be at school in a different role for Terms 1 and 2 so I’m sure I will see most of you before I leave.

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