Hello Hedgehog Class, 
I hope you are well and enjoyed your home learning today. I was pleased to hear some posititive feedback about your new phonics lessons! 
Tomorrow is Tuesday so that means it is Big Write day! I would also like you to still complete your Phonics and Maths alongside Big Write, however I only expect you to spend around 45 minutes on Big Write instead of a whole morning like we usually would at school!

Please follow the link below and watch the video. It will be live from 1030am. You will be looking at split digraph a_e 
You will need your workbook and a pencil to complete this.

- I would like all of you to complete Week 2 Lesson 2 (Find a quarter) at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
- Can you please complete your 'X a day' on Doodle Maths 
- Year 2 have a go at Week 2 Lesson 2 (order lengths) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

Big Write: 
Carrying on with our learning linked to Paddington Bear and London. 

Choose your favourite teddy bear from home. Imagine her had got lost in London. Can you write a letter to Paddington explaining what your bear looks like using adjectives and ask for him to look for him. 

Can you think of 8 words to describe your bear. I want you to write these words down. Next can you put them into your letter to describe what your bear looks like. Always use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and your best handwriting. Remember to challenge yourself using conjunctions and think of some super adjectives!


You could begin by telling Paddington your bear’s name.. You could use this structure to help you:


Dear Paddington


Please help me! I have lost my favourite teddy bear in London! My bear is called ... He looks like... He has...


Draw a picture of your bear to help Paddington even further! Don’t forget to put who the letter is from...you! Science: Miss Bidwell continues to work on planning your Science learning on 'plants'. She loved seeing some pictures of your plants last week and was really proud of you! I have attached a powerpoint and worksheet for your science activity.

Begin by introducing the children to wild plants and explain what they are. Then show the children the following wild plants as an example: dandelion, daisy, buttercups, nettles, clover and thistle. 


Children will then be asked to complete an activity sheet by naming the different wild plants they have learnt. Children may also want to reflect on which was their favourite wild plant. 


As an extension activity, children will be asked to research or find their own wild plants to draw a picture of and name.

Daily reminders:
- have a good timetable for the day and remember to have regular breaks, drink water and have fruit snacks to keep you going. 
- read a book either one you have or an ebook online. 
- practise reading your sounds, tricky works and common exception words. 
- complete your daily diary 
- do 30 minutes of exercise Have a good day!


Miss Wheeler

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