Dear Badger Class Parents,

I hope today went well and your children enjoyed the Big Write, in particular. In order that I can see their work I have attached step-by-step guidance on how to upload their Big Writes and Science into their Work folders on Purple Mash. I am hoping that this will keep the children motivated, knowing that I can read their work and give feedback, and also help me to follow their progress. Also attached is the letter to the children which tells them what they have to do today and the Science PowerPoint that I have made for them.

On Fridays, you will need to mark I Can Do Maths (mark schemes on school website) with your child and go over any questions that caused difficulties. I would suggest that this session takes no longer than 20-30 minutes to avoid lapses in concentration and possible frustration (you and them!) For guidance, a score of 20 out of 30 is very respectable.

At the time of me writing this White Rose Maths Challenge have not gone online, if this remains the case  tomorrow (Friday) please follow the links for Bitesize Friday challenges. Year 4 Challenges on Bitesize Year 3 Challenges on Bitesize


Science will always be set on Fridays. This term we are studying Plants.

  • Week 1: Parts of a Plant and Their Functions.

  • Week 2: What do Plants Need to Grow? (Water, light, nutrients from the soil, air, room to grow.)

  • Week 3 Water Transportation in Plants

  • Weeks 4 and 5: Life Cycle of Plants including Germination, Pollination, Fertilisation and Seed Dispersal.

This week, (Week 1) it would be amazing, if the children had access to real plants in order to observe first-hand the parts of plants. Apart from that, the children should be able to follow the PowerPoint that I have edited for them and record their work in their Purple Books independently without too much adult help. Again, like Big Write their work can be photographed and uploaded to their Science sub-folder on Purple Mash for me to see and give feedback.

Next week, the children will be designing their own investigation into what a plant needs to grow. To really embed their learning, it would be amazing if they could also carry out their investigation. However, to do this they will need seeds or two young plants of the same type. Also, if you can get hold of grass seeds and nylon tights, I will let you know how to make a grass head which is always fun! (Don’t worry if you can’t get any of these, we’ll get around it.)


Links for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe read by Mrs Bailey:

Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Chapter 5 (Part 2) 

My turn next week…yikes!!


Have a great weekend.


Very best wishes,

Lisa Tunstall

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