Dear Badger Class Parents,

It was lovely to speak to some of you today and so special for me to be able to hear your children’s voices; they sounded so happy. For those few that we haven’t been able to speak to yet, I will ring again tomorrow (it will come up as a “Private number”).

Attached is a letter to the Badgers explaining the work that I expect them to do tomorrow (Thursday).

  • They have been given new spellings (see attached) and I have also set them a 2Do on Purple Mash which tests them on last week’s spellings.

  • They will also need to carry on with White Rose Maths (Lesson 4.)

  • I Can Do Maths on Thursdays is finishing off and checking all 3 sections ready for marking tomorrow.

  • Big Write is attached. I am asking them to write a Story Opener based on a short film clip. Please watch that they don’t go into telling the story and describing the action, I only want them to set the scene. They will initially need a computer/laptop/iPad to watch two short film clips but then after that, they are working from the attached lesson plan and recording in their books. I have tried to make the instructions as straightforward as possible, but it might be necessary to keep an eye on their understanding of what they need to do. Please upload their finished story Openers to Purple Mash. You don’t need to upload any notes and ideas that they have written before beginning their actual Big Write, just the Story Opener. Thanks.

  • Mrs Bailey and I have also suggested some daily expectations such as reading regularly and some staying active ideas should you need them. They are on the letter to the children.

  • Don’t forget also, to have a listen to Mrs Bailey and me reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on our YouTube channel. You’ll need the links that we’ve sent to you. (Hector takes a supporting role in the Chapters that I read!) Let us know if there are any difficulties with accessing them. Tomorrow is Chapter 7.

Please don’t hesitate to email me via the school office with any queries, concerns or achievements. I have really enjoyed seeing the children’s Big Writes and Sciences; could you check that they are round the right way though so it’s easier for me to read! Cheers.


Very best regards,

Lisa Tunstall

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