Dear Parents,

So, how did the Go Noodle go?!!

Today's work consists of:
1. Finishing off I Can Do Maths. The answers are in a previous email sent to you by Mr Gunning. If you can, try to go through any incorrect answers with the children. sometimes, it's a case of decoding the wording to highlight the actual maths skills required.
2. Purple Mash consists of 4 spelling quizzes. the children should aim to spend about 20 minutes on this. any not done can be completed over Easter. the quizzes can be made harder by clicking on do not display word in the pop-up box before the quiz begins. the children can also choose to answer using the keyboard or by dragging the tiles.
3. Science carries on from last week, but using their Purple Books. See attachment. 
4. In the afternoon, there is time to finish off any work not completed during the week.
5. Before reading there is a fun Scavenger Hunt to complete. (This might be fun to do as a family and could provide inspiration for further Hunts)

Thanks for all your your hard work over the last two weeks; from the emails that we've received it is clear that our little Badgers are working hard and having fun.

We hope that you have a great Easter, despite the circumstances, and enjoy doing some of the activities that have been suggested in our whole school email.

Stay safe and happy,
Lisa Tunstall

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