Dear Badger Class Parents,

I hope you’re doing well and have had a lovely Easter.

Attached is a letter to your wonderful children explaining the work that I expect them to do tomorrow (Thursday). I will always endeavour to make the work as comprehensive as I can so that they are able to do it as independently as possible. I'll indicate to you where and how they might need some additional help from you.

Every Thursday I will give your children their spellings for the week. The expectation is that they practise these daily, or at least regularly, using the different methods and activities set out in the attached sheet. In addition, they can use the Purple Mash Quiz (Summer Term 1, Spellings 1) as many times as they want to. The following Thursday, this Quiz will be set as a 2DO so that I can see how they’ve got on.


Thursday Maths will follow on from the maths that Mrs Bailey has been setting: White Rose Lesson 4. White Rose have sent the following message on Instagram which I thought might be worth copying here for your information:

We're having some issues with our website due to the volume of users. We're really sorry for any inconvenience. The videos can also be accessed in our Facebook groups - just head to, click groups and then select your year group.

I Can Do Maths on Thursdays is finishing off and checking all 3 sections ready for marking tomorrow.

Big Write will always be set on a Thursday too. Tomorrow's Big Write follows on from last Term; I have asked them to write entertaining instructions about looking after a dragon. (See attached sheet.) They are all used to writing for at least 30-40 minutes and they were making great progress in editing their work afterwards: checking for spellings, improving vocabulary, adding in paragraphs, omitting less interesting bits and adding detail to increase reader interest. They might need gentle help with this (you don’t need to correct all of their spellings, just the ones that you think they should know). I would suggest that your main role in Big Write is to act as an audience for their writing, making the bits you love explicit to them. It is important for them to feel successful as writer where ever possible.

Mrs Bailey and I have also suggested some daily expectations such as reading regularly and staying active.They are on the letter to the children.

Please don’t hesitate to email me via the school office with any queries, concerns or achievements.


Very best regards,

Lisa Tunstall

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