Dear Badger Class Parents,

I have written a letter to your children (see below) explaining what I’d like them to do today.


Basically, as it’s a Friday this is:

  • Science

    What do Plants Need to Grow? (Water, light, nutrients from the soil, air, room to grow.)

    There are three attachments:

  1. PowerPoint to go through which also include hyperlinks to 3 very short film clips. They have been asked to record their learning in their Purple Books.

  2. A sheet to help them plan and carry out an investigation. (I have reinforced that this is only if they can get the small plants.) Your help here will be needed.

  3. Fun activities for you to do with your child that I would do with them in the classroom. This will really help to embed their learning of this topic and reinforce fair testing.


    • Marking I Can Do Maths (mark schemes on school website) and going over any questions that caused difficulties. They will need your help with this.


    • White Rose Maths Challenge (see White Rose, Home Learning Day 5)


    • Our daily expectations. Chapter 8 is now availiable of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe:


Have a great weekend.


Very best wishes,

Lisa Tunstall

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