Hello everyone,
I hope you are well and happy! I have just returned from a weekend of camping which was so much fun although very windy! Hector loved sitting in the field facing the wind looking very thoughtful (although I'm not sure he does much thinking, if any at all! Hee hee.)

I hope you all found the work last week enjoyable, especially the Maths as it was the Maths that we have done on Fridays. I think that's the same this week also. Hopefully, you all felt pleased with yourselves as your learning all came flooding back!

I noticed, with some sadness, that this week Mrs Bailey and I were due to take the Year 4 children away for the school's first Year 4 Camp! There has been some discussion that we might still go next year at the same time as the new Year 4, current Year 3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Thank you, Badgers for continuing to work hard at home; Mrs Bailey and I continue to be so impressed with the pieces of work that you email to the office.  Your parents must be very proud. The Year 1 children are working very hard at school and are looking after the fish for you. By the way, sometimes on Thursday and Friday we watch Waffle Doggy whilst finishing our lunch. Oh my goodness, if you haven't seen it have a watch. I love it!

We hope that you were all pleased to read your reports; they were very enjoyable to write. We miss you all.

Enjoy your week, you gorgeous people!

Ms Tunstall x



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